Located about 150 kilometres from Vientiane, Vang Vieng small town is situated among the vast green mountains. Known as the peaceful countryside with fresh air and poetic landscape, Vang Vieng is also a famous tourist attraction of the beautiful country Laos. With its population and cool climate all year, Vang Vieng can be compared as Da Lat in Vietnam. With the advantage of ideal terrain, its back against the mountain and has river views, Vang Vieng Town is a peaceful land beside Nam Song River. This small town has hidden in his wild character but incredibly is a happy town. Vang Vieng’s wild character exudes from the green of the trees and quiet flowing river, bends around the limestone blocks. Vang Vieng's sunset is really wonderful but pure morning in Vang Vieng is even more. In early morning, weather in Vang Vieng is chilly. Vang Vieng also has the monks begging for alms but not as much as in Luang Prabang and not become “reluctant models” as in Luang Prabang. In here, they walk more slowly, much more relax. All have created extremely beautiful morning scenery for tourists feel the peaceful atmosphere here.

Nam Song River

Although dubbed a tourism town and a heaven of  foreign tourists, Vang Vieng also keeps it’s peaceful countryside beauty besides the poetic Nam Song river. Nam Song is a small river flowing through Vang Vieng town, and by going down this river, tourists can contemplate and be astonishing with the breathtaking landscape of nature in Laotain countryside with giant limestone mountains which is in 2 river banks. With it’s captivating beauty, Nam Song river is exploited with the maximum of it’s useful for tourism. There are many games for tourists to relax and explore as: tubing – drifting downstream by float and contemplating the landscape along 2 river banks, trekking – exploring areas around this river on foot and simple items, bungee jump – an adventurous game jumping from heights into this river, kayak – rowing kayak along Nam Song river and enjoying the landscape … Along Nam Song river banks, throbbing traditional music always resounds tranquilly and lightly making Nam Song river is magleficent with both landscape and sound. In addtions, after enjoying and exploring all of this river’s game, at the end of day, tourists should try having dinner on bothies constructed on this river with delicious unique dishes as Laotian glutinous – rice wine, grilled voles, grilled squirrels, grilled bats…

Tham Jang Caves

Besides adventurous water games, Vang Vieng is best known for many beautiful caves as Tham Jang Caves which is located about 2 kilometres to Vang Vieng central town, to the southwest of this town. In order to reach Tham Jang entrance, tourists can rent bicycle or use tuk tuk – vehicle has three wheels and acts by cabin. It’s very easy to find, access and reach it. Especially, tourists should not forget  to pose on the lovely orange footbridge over Nam Song river to reach Tham Jang entrance. Because of it’s height, from entrance, tourists can have a breathtaking view over Vang Vieng. In the early 19th century, this cave was used as a bunker whick defend against attacks during Chinese Ho invasion. When you come inside this cave, you will contemplate everything but not the whole because this cave is lit and has stairs. With flash light systems, you can see the beautiful stalactites converges and stalagmites like crystal and at the foot of this cave, this crystal stagmites transform into cool water flowing into Nam Song river. Tham Jang isn’t a special cave, but it’s the typical cave of  Laos. 

Blue Lagoon and Tham Poukham Caves

Blue Lagoon and Tham Poukham, a cave reclining Buddha and a crystal clear pool,  are located to the northwest of Vang Vieng, about 7 kilometres to this town. The Blue Lagoon is a little lake in front of Tham Poukham Cave. Tourists can reach this lake easily by renting bicycle or motorbike through a small village and wide rice paddies. But after that, you must follow the hiking trail on the forest which has the haftway up the limestone cliffs. And at the end of this trail, you will see the blue lagoon having nice crystal blue water coming out the mountains. It’s the same thing in how human use natural potential between Nam Song river and this lake. At the Blue Lagoon, tourists can only picnic on bank, enjoy the cool water or try bungee jump from the tree hanging over this lagoon. After all, the last activity of this journey is explore Tham Poukham Cave. The locals revere this cave, which contains several Buddha statues with the biggest is sculpted from copper in the main cave. The air inside this cave is very cold and moist with a system of chambers and Buddha statue galleries. The fascinating beauty of this cave is stalagmites and stalactites like crystal attractting tourists with magleficent landscape. 

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