• Sapa, a northwestern mountainous district of Vietnam, is located about 376 km from Ha Noi capital and 38km from Lao Cai city. 

    At the height of 1600 meters above the sea, Sapa has unique climate and sight. Sapa is cold in winter and cool in summer with the average temperature from 15 to 18oC. Visitors can feel the climate of four seasons in one day if they go to Sapa in summer. The best time to view the charming beauty of Sapa is in April and May. In these period of time, Sapa is blooming with flowers and green meadows. The clouds land on the valley’s surface every early morning. It is very cold in Sapa in the winter, the temperature drops to about 1 to 2oC. Thus, sometimes snow appears in Sapa, which is rare in tropical countries.

    First come to Sapa, the cool atmosphere will make you relaxed. Sightseeing, tourists can’t close the eyes to the dramatic rice terraces that shine under the sunlight. Sapa has many natural sites such as Love waterfall, Silver mountain, Bamboo forest… Sapa is the starting place for those who love adventures to climb Fasipan Peak, the rooftop of Indochina area. 


    Sapa is famous for not only its nature but also its people. This is the habitat for many ethnic minorities, almost them are Hmong and Dao people. These ethnic minorities have unique and intersting culture. To understand their culture, you should be invited to their home. The native people will show you their family, their house, how they earn for living, and their everyday routine. If you are lucky, you will have chance to join a nomal meal of them with their special and strange cuisines. The life of ethnic minorities in Sapa change so much now, but they still have unique habit and culture.

    Markets in Sapa is crowded and noisy as well. Ethnic people from all the surrounding area get together to sell, buy, or exchange goods. Maket sessions  is the place not only for trading but also opportunities for relatives and friends meet each other so that they can chat, exchange informations, give each other gift… The market is very animated, however, if you want to take photos of the ethnic group on the way, you must ask them for permission. 

    Sapa is beautiful place with natural beauty, cultural beauty, and the beauty of warm-hearted people. If you have visited Sapa once, you will want to return here not just a single time.

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