Social Responsibility

At Unio Travel, we believe that a successful journey is the one that delivers to our client an unforgettable holiday that which also benefits the communities and the environment they visit.

One of the most important values of
Unio Travel
offers is our commitment to the sustainable development of our destinations through the practice of “Responsible Travel”. This commitment implies giving a strong devotion to minimising the impact on the culture and environment, preserving the values of local people and local traditions and most importantly encouraging our clients to do so.

Unio Travel aims to

- Encouraging our tourists to leave as little ecological and environmental of the places they visit

-  Working 
responsible travel policy

-  Giving back to the communities by maintaining the larger amount of income generated by tourist activities in the local area.


As your travel partner we invite you to join us in the conservation of the region’s environment and the development of local communities. You can choose to play an active role and make this ambitious goal possible. Along with us, you can be committed to our fragile and unique ecosystems so that we can keep them as pristine as possible for future generations. Your donation and personal support will directly benefit the communities and the environment you visit. 

Social  Responsibility

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Social Issues

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