Halong bay belongs to Quangninh province in the Northest of Viet Nam. Halong bay consists of a thick cluster of 3000 limestone islands, each island has thick jungle vegetation on its top, which rise amazingly from the ocean. Halong Bay's limestone islands are spreaded with caves of multy sizes and shapes. Most of these can see only by boat, but some can easily be visited inside. There is a legend about Halong bay. It was when Vietnam was invaded by the neiborhood country. The Jade Emperor sent the a Dragon and her childs to help the Viet people battle the invaders. The Dragon mother and childs puffed out a lot of pearls to attack the enermies. Then the invader’s boats exploded to hundereds of pieces. All the pearls, after the battle, transformed into limestones. When the invader was lost, Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons didn’t return to Heaven but stayed right at the place that the battle occurred. The place where the Mother Dragon alighted was Ha Long, and where the Child Dragons lied down was Bai Tu Long. Halong bay was regconized World Natural Henritage by UNESCO.

Dau Go Cave

Daugo cave is a interesting cave of Daugo island. This cave has three main parts. The first region has a curly shape which is full of natural light. The ceiling of this region is a huge oil painting which describes picturesque  landscapes with stalagmites and stalactites varying color upon the changing of the light. Tourist can let their imagine goes wild with the sunlight reflecting on those stalagmites and stalactites. Going through the first area by passing a cramped entrance, tourists will get to the second area. It is a quite lack of light, but it has a more impressive with a unclear picture formed by the pleasant combination of stalactites and light that make you curios and a little bit scared. The last part will make the adventure novelty. It was said that there are fairies used to bath in a sacred well here. To fully discover the beauty of this cave, you should come here once.

Thien Cung Cave

Thiencung cave is in the North of Daugo island, the same island with Daugo cave. Thiencung cave, the Cave of Heavenly Palace, makes people feel like they are on the heaven. This is one of the most beautiful cave of Halong. The way in to the cave is in the center of the mountain, so visitors have to hike up. Entering the cave, you'll be shocked by the unreal beauty of the caves with diversity of stalagmites and stalactites which stimulate your imagination. Then you'll get to another section of Thien Cung Cave with the giant opening top of the mountain. In rainy season, this part is wet because of the water soaked into the grounds. Another part of Thien Cung cave is full of amazing shapes of stalactites and stalagmites, they look like animals such as eagle, lion, dragon, elephant… To finish visiting Thien Cung Cave, the visitors will pass a small way with dramatic stalactites that look like curtains in a theatre.

Ga Choi island

Gachoi island, or Fighting Cock island, is a islet in the southest of the bay. This is a phrase with 2 limestones shaped like 2 chickens that preparing to fight. More willingly than fighting cocks, the limestone arrangement looked more like a pair of chicken about to kiss. Seen from far distance with huge bodies and tiny foots, the heavy limestone blocks seems to be tumbled anytime. But those two stones have been standing solidly on the ocean for millions years until now. The little feet make Ga Choi Island more impressive. Many artists have used the image of Ga Choi Island as inspiration for their creation. Ga Choi island is chosen as the symbol of Halong bay.

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