Customized tours to Vietnam is the terrific way to experience one of Asia's most popular tourism destinations. What's not to like: relaxing on the soft, white sands of islands just offshore enjoying some laughs with your friends, exploring traditions, sharing thoughts and experiences by joining a meal with locals and discussing your favorite foods.



    At Unio Travel, we are dedicated to providing the best travel experience by offering the perfect customized itineraries handcrafted by our passionate teams who will ensure everything we deliver is as close to your requirements and preferences as possible.

    By joining our Vietnam customized tour you will have a much better control of your trip in terms of time, accommodations, interests and budget, particularly when you are traveling with children, seniors, or people needing special care. Let’s check out the benefits of going on our private custom tours

    + Accommodations of your choice.

    We offer a wide range of accommodation from local homestay, boutique hotels, to top notch hotel and eco lodge. You can handpick hotels of different levels for your own holiday, even during the trip, if you wish to upgrade your hotel room, depending on the hotel vacancy and your budget, we can upgrade your room easily for your convenience

    + Private guide and transportation

    Base on your special interests, we will select the tour guide that can answer all of your answers properly and private transportation means saying no with strangers. During the tour, you can easily skip the activities that you do not like, explore options for additional activities, and tweak our itinerary as needed.

    + Meal of your choices

    We all have our own taste and favorite foods. Vietnam customized tours by Unio Travel ensure you can go to the restaurants of your choice and eat the food that you love. It is also a fantastic experience to try a family meal with locals discover the fabulous Vietnamese foods along the Old Quarter in Hanoi.


    There are just 3 simple steps to request a customized, private guided tour to Vietnam.

    Step 1. Filling the form

    Our form is designed to help our travel consultants get a better idea of your requirements and preferences so that we can design the best-fitted itinerary for you. Upon receiving your customized trip request form, your assigned consultant will get in touch with you within 24 hours for a more detailed consultation.

    Vietnam Custom Tour Request Form

     Step 2. Amending your Itinerary

    Upon receiving your itinerary, you can discuss with your appointed consultant to adjust the itinerary till it fit you best. Through a combination of boutique hotels and lodges, local contacts and extensive knowledge, your experienced Unio Travel Specialist can get you off the crowded tour bus, and straight into the culture that makes your Vietnam vacation so special.

    Step 3. Confirm and Payment

    After our proposal itinerary is refined to perfection to you please show your acceptance of our offer and your agreement on our terms and conditions by process the payment via bank transfer to our bank account information in payment instruction page.


    Customized tours to Vietnam are a way to have quality time with those friends closest to you, as well as experience the vacation of a lifetime, making memories you'll be talking about forever



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