• Vietnam is an amazing country with a lot of great sceneries and destinations, allowing travellers to have memorable trips throughout the year. One of the most important reasons for this is that Vietnam has many vacations, suitable for travellers to discover the whole country depending on seasons and weather. Let’s check out some of the best and most important Vietnam vacations to plan your next trip in this wonderful country!

    1. Western New Year

    This is the very first one out of the best Vietnam vacations that tourists coming to this country should not miss! Here is a great suggestion for tourists, both international and domestic ones

    Dalat is considered a great destination in Vietnam to visit on Western New Year - one of the most important Vietnam vacations. Coming to the city of flowers this occasion, visitors will admire vast white cabbage flower fields in Tu Tra commune - Danyang, see romantic pink grass hill at Dankia Lake, enjoy aromatic coffee taste on Xuan Huong's lakeside,  take a stroll on the streets filled with apricot cherry blossom, and enjoy the fresh, cool air of the land.

    Especially, visitors will be attending the Flower Festival held every two years. Taking part in this festival, tourists will have chance to join several exciting and interesting activities with local people.

    Discover some of the best Vietnam vacations

    2. Tet

    The North Vietnam is a great choice for traveling during Tet – one of the best and most important Vietnam vacations. People here usually opt for going to pagodas and sightseeing according to the longstanding custom, or come back to their own hometown and go to visit relatives and friends. Some young people choose for themselves some new and neglected destinations with less travel footprints to freely release their soul into the nature.

    Suggestion: Dong Van, Ha Giang

    Ha Giang is a beautiful destination on the occasion of the spring with a lot of white peach, persimmon, pear, and plum flowers surrounding the wall homes of ethnic minorities. In this occasion, tourists will see upland children with patterned, colorful dresses with fun motifs playing in yellow flower fields. You will also have chance to admire the dawn of a morning with mist unfurling on the mountains ... It looks like you will never feel such intense spring in nowhere else. This is the number one destination for those interested in exploring nature.

    Discover some of the best Vietnam vacations

    3. International Labor Day

    This is the last one of the most important Vietnam vacations and some great suggestions for tourists who wants to spend the International Labor Day travelling in this country.

    Suggestion for 30/4 -1/5: travel to cities in the North Vietnam

    Discover some of the best Vietnam vacations

    For travelers in southern or central of Vietnam, the north is actually an attractive tourist destination for some Vietnam vacations, including the International Labor Day. Taking a trip to the mountains of Sapa - Northwest, opting for a yacht cruise in Halong Bay, or having a leisurely stroll around the streets of Hanoi's ancient streets... will all bring to tourists a memorable experience in this special vacation.






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