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Visit: Ho Chi Minh, Mekong Delta, Phnom Penh, Kompong Cham, Siem Reap.

Enjoy your royal tour throughout most famous places in Vietnam and Cambodia. The trip will be more amazing with a lot of special and relaxing activities in each location promising an unforgetable vacation.

The tour is set up on a coast sailing upstream from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap. We possibly take the journey downstream, leaving from Siem Reap.

Departure: Fixed departure date.  

Tour Highlights:

 - Attending the new circus 'À Ố show' at Ho Chi Minh Opera – 1hour - Saigon

 - Explore the “Great City” (Angkor Thom) - Siem Reap

 - Explore the mysterious Ta Prohm - Siem Reap

 - Visit a floating village of the Tonle Sap Lake - Siem Reap

 - Visit the symbol of Cambodia (Angkor Wat) - Siem Reap

 - Visit the tumultuous capital of the South (Saigon) - Time: ½ day

 - Cai Be

 - Chau Doc

 - Ho Chi Minh City - Saigon

 - Kampong Cham

 - Kampong Chhnang

 - Phnom Penh

 - Siem Reap

  • Day 1 - Ho Chi Minh City Arrival

    Arriving at the airport, you will be met by your local guide and transferred to the city to check in the hotel. The room is available at 2.00pm. Free at your leisure for the rest of day. Have meals on your own. Night at the hotel.

  • Day 2 - Cu Chi Tunnels - Ho Chi Minh City - A O Show

    Depart the city in the morning by private vehicle to explore the impressive tunnel network of Cu Chi. In this amazing system, covering almost 250km in length was shelter to over 16,000 Vietcong guerrillas during the wars. Dating back 1948, Cu Chi supported shelter against the French air and ground sweeps, the network went on to serve as communication routes, storage facilities, hospitals and living quarters for Vietnamese fighters throughout the American war.  If it attracting you, you can even settle into the tunnels to know more about the severe conditions that Vietcong guerrillas living there had to face.
    After lunch break (your expense), have a orientation tour with a Vespa to discover the famous destinations of the previous capital of French Indochina. Sitting on the back of our quaint Vespa, stroll through the Historic landmarks such as the Opera House, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Saigon Old Post Office. Then keep moving to the Reunification Palace which was known as the headquarters of the Saigon Government during the American war in the 60s. Afterwards we will come to the cultural Chinese district of Cholon with Binh Tay market.
    Enjoy your evening with an 1-hour  A O Show - a new type of art performance ordinarily acknowledged globally as new circus. This show eclipses all the limits that was formerly constructed by many other art shows in Vietnam over the years. Enjoy you dinner with our diversity of cuisines on your own. Night at the hotel.
    Note: A O show is scheduled on specific days of each month only. If the show is not available on travelling day of our clients, we will arrange visiting to the home of a famous husband and wife pair of musicians instead (with a traditional music performance included). 

  • Day 3 - Ho Chi Minh – My Tho – Cai Be (B,D) - Overnight on Jayavarman cruise

    Departing the hustle and bustle of Saigon, to 70 kilometers south by land we will visit  My Tho and hop on your charming Ship. Enjoy a stimulating welcome drink as the ship constanty floats along the Mekong River. Relaxing bathe in the shade sunset on the balcony followed by a briefing at the lounge. After that, let’s have a luxury dinner on the ship. Upon avrrival at Cai Be, the Ship drops stop on the midstream where the river is several kilometers wide. Including dinner. Overnight in Cai Be.

  • Day 4 - Cai Be – Sa Dec – Chau Doc - Overnight on Jayavarman cruise

    Like everyday, on the sun deck we starts with an refreshing Tai Chi routine in the gentle glowing of the sun. Coffee and tea are ready for the early riser. The beginning destinations of the day are Cai Be’s boisterous and bustling floating market on board and we will travel by a traditional sampan (a flat bottomed traditional wooden boat of Vietnamese). During the leisure cruise, we will visit many serene landscapes along the Mekong river and drunk in the picturesque life on the Mekong Delta. The cruise will be slow down intermittently to allow us to contemplate people making rice paste, rice cookies and coconut candies, or drying the Longan fruit. Finish the tour along the channels, we reach an quaint house with fruit farms around before heading to the Ship for lunch. In the afternoon, we cruise to Sa Dec.
    After approaching, board a classical sampan to travel to Binh Thanh Island and its artificial canals. This local villager is drawn in the operation of growing and suppling water hyacinths into natural fibre floor mats and rattan baskets.Then we embark the Ship for a smooth evening tour towards Chau Doc. The tour includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The ship will anchor midstream overnight near Chau Doc. 

  • Day 5 - Chau Doc (Border Crossing) – Phnom Penh - Overnight on Jayavarman cruise

    Today we will have a chance to visit the fish sanctuary of Vietnam. Start the day at the Dining Hall or in the quiet sanctuary of your balcony to have your healthy breakfast. Get ready for a short excursion in Chau Doc, a nice town in the Cambodian border nearby area with sizeable Chinese, Kinh and Khmer communities. We will also explore the bustling local market near an old temple. It is followed by a trip to the quay, where we will be feted to a boat cruise to the floating villages and rustic catfish farms where we will discover how e breeding of Basa fish in the Mekong Delta. Afterwards, we will return the ship and have a delicious lunch.
    In the middle of the afternoon, the journey continues to the border for Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. It is time for you to have leisure on board, prepare your cooking skills with our hands-on cooking classes or tour the ship with our faultless Cruise Director. Or you can even do all three. “The Highway Blues” beckons at the time we approach into a state of gentle joy from the hypnotic murmur of the boat’s engine. Throughout hours sailing on the river, we will feel the rapid entering into a new country and to ready for new adventures
    Including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overnight midstream near Phnom Penh.
    Note: Due to high water in the Mekong Delta between July and December the following program applies: This morning, you will start your excursion on a local boat (sampan) and discover the border town of Tan Chau. Firstly, the journey takes you to the “evergreen” islands where you will be thrilled to learn the life of the locals.
    The inhabitants of these islands live on houses poised on high stilts – a centuries-old tradition in this part of the Mekong Delta. We stop to visit a fish farm located in the Tan Chau canal – this farm consists of floating houses and the villagers make their living by cultivating fish. You continue by boat to Tan Chau pier, disembark here and stroll around this colorful local market with lots of regional products. You return to the cruise Ship after your market visit. 

  • Day 6 - Phnom Penh - Overnight on Jayavarman cruise

    Phnom Penh was once known as a Paris of the East. Although Phnom Penh has develop a lot, it has maintained the rustic charm and elegance. After having breakfast, we will be attracted by a inclusive lecture on the modern history of Cambodia. This will be followed by a city tour of this vital, historical capital city of Cambodia which has managed to preserve great pieces of its French colonial charm. Enjoy the morning with some activities such as cruising the brilliant white and gold architecture of the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda, and visiting abnormally wonderful Khmer craft at the National Museum.
    Discover our scrumptious dishes for lunch at a local restaurant, then we will have a trip to the Genocide Museum and the Killing Field in town. You will be strongly impressed by this stark reminder of the genocide occuring during Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge regime.
    After our museum tour we come back to the ship. Enjoy your leisure time on your cabin balcony or the lounge and get ready for an amazing event in the evening. The evening begins with a variety of cocktails waiting on the sun deck. Lay down and enjoy the interesting Apsara dance performance. Feel the magnificence and abundance of this culture, the smoothing rhythms of traditional music, the calming scent of incense sticks and a barbeque on the sun deck. It is indeed a truly marvellous experience, dining in the open with the stars and the moon as our companions.
    Including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overnight in Phnom Penh. 

  • Day 7 - Phnom Penh – Kampong Cham - Overnight on Jayavarman cruise

    Visitors can join the daily routines of the people in the village to experience their life. After that, return to the Ship for the trip to Kampong Cham.
    Including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overnight in Kampong Cham. 

  • Day 8 - Kampong Cham – Wat Hanchey - Overnight on Jayavarman cruise

    We will wake up in the small hours of the morning, truly energized to embark on a land journey to the pre-Angkorian temple of Wat Hanchey. Travelers either take a motor-taxi or climb 291 steps to the top. Located at the top of a hill overlooking the river, it offers one of the most breath-taking views in Cambodia. Built in the 8th century, this ancient structure, together with a bigger and newer addition underscores the superb architecture of the Chenla Empire which predates the mighty Angkor temple complex. We even get to engage in light banter with some of the monks in the area. We will return to the Ship to witness a blessing ceremony performed by orange-clad local monks.
    When the tide allows, we will enjoy a surprise sojourn in our zodiacs (inflatable boats) to the nearby bank to swim in the teacoloured Mekong River, an experience that will, no doubt, dominate dinner conversations in the weeks to come. We will then cruise towards Kampong Cham to visit Wat Nokor, a wat built within the ruins of an ancient temple which holds a timeless story. On the way back to the Ship, we will visit an orphanage. Along the way, we will have to maneuver a 2-kilometer rickety bamboo bridge. Our sense of balance lies in the balance!
    Including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overnight cruise to Kampong Chhnang. 

  • Day 9 - Kampong Cham – Kampong Chhnang - Overnight on Jayavarman cruise

    Before the sun peeks over the horizon, the cruiser sets sail towards Kampong Chhnang on the Tonle River – an amazingly narrow river – which glides through leafy swaths of the Southeast Asian jungle. We are greeted by cacophonous children who waive enthusiastically early in the morning when they bring their livestock for a bath in the meandering Tonle River. Then we approach Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia’s “waterworld” where everything is on stilts balanced on water rich soil– it’s an awesome sight whilst practising Tai Chi on the deck.

    Here we take a motorboat excursion to the landing, followed by a short bus trip to see the Khmer-styled pottery at the Aundaung Russey village. Then, it is back to the river for an adventurous motorboat excursion to the wetlands, floating houses and fish farms in the region.
    We then return to the Ship for lunch whilst cruising the narrow and meandering Tonle River. Your floating sanctuary will then cruise gently, in the afternoon, along the narrow and meandering Tonle River. In the evening, a sumptuous spread will be served. And for the big surprise – bring along your dance shoes and learn to jiggle the Cambodian way with our staff doubling up as dance instructors. (If you can’t dance, do not fret. Neither can our staff) Including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overnight in Kampong Chhnang. 

  • Day 10 - Tonle Sap – Siem Reap

    This great lake dominates Cambodia and is the largest freshwater lake in Asia with abundant birdlife. This lake is so wide that one can not see its shores from the middle of the lake.
    Enjoy the stillness of the water and the quiet tranquility on the way to Siem Reap. The water level varies a great deal according to the time of the year and the amount of rainfall recorded. Thus, minor changes to the itinerary may occur during different seasons.
    The cruise comes to an end as we reach this city of the fabled Angkor temple complex. We bid farewell to the cruise as our journey comes to a close. But the memories and the friendships made on board linger on for a lot longer. We will cross the Tonle Lake at dawn and at 9.00h, we will disembark at the Siem Reap Port for onward coach transfer to the drop off point in town. Welcome by your local guide on arrival in Siem Reap and transfer by private vehicle to your hotel for check in. Spend the balance of day free at leisure. Meals on your own. Overnight at the hotel.
    Remark: the total transfer time from disembark point until drop off point in Siem Reap is up to 5 hour driving

  • Day 11 - Angkor Wat - Ta Prohm

    Our guide will meet you in the morning to transfer you to the very famous world heritage site of Angkor Wat. Built up in the 12th century (1112-1152) in honour of Vishnu, with incredible bas reliefs and soaring towers, Angkor Wat is known as one of the most amazing monuments made by mankind in the world. Depart the temple by private vehicle (or possibly by cow carts) to a remote, untouched temple where your private picnic lunch is served for you. After a delicious lunch, relax under the trees with a soothing foot massage before starting your afternoon activities. Then, continue your journey by discovering the ancient Ta Prohm monastery where immense branches have taken root in the stones. Beyond this impressive vegetation you will find some splendid sculptured Devatas and immerse in the unique atmosphere in the ancient Ta Prohm Monastery which is completely befitting this temple and those built during the reign of Jayavarman VII in general.Back to the hotel and be free at your leisure. Have your own dinner. Night at the hotel.

  • Day 12 - Banteay Srei – Preak Khan – Neak Pean – Angkor Thom

    In the morning, depart for one of the most impressive jewels of Khmer art exists, Banteay Srei. Dating back to 10th century and this small pink sandstone temple is known as the Citadel of Women. It houses some remarkably well conserved sculptured lintels and was made famous by Andre Malraux in the early 20th century when, in 1923, he returned the Apsara heads that he had previously removed.

    After that, we head to Preah Khan Temple to explore more Angkor. Dating back to 1191, this temple is built up by Jayavarman VII in honour of his father, for the purposes of being both a city and a place for Buddhism studies. Neak Pean, erected in the same era, also known as Entwined Nagas, is the only island temple of Angkor. Four smaller basins, presenting the image of the four great rivers flowing from the earth’s four cardinal points, link and meet together at the large central basin. One of the most interesting features of this site is the superb statute of Balaha, representing the legendary saviour of shipwrecked boats.

    After lunch, continue our trip to the Great City of Angkor Thom starting with the south gate and the famous Bayon of  the 12th and 13th centuries, dedicated to Buddhism and composed of 216 smiling faces of Avalokitesvara on 54 gigantic towers. Afterwards, have  visit to the Terrace of the Elephants. Which was served as a base for the king’s grand audience hall and used as a gigantic reviewing stand in occasion of public ceremonies. Then explore the Terrace of Leper King, dating back the 12th century, on which many beautiful Apsaras was sculptured. All meals of day are on your own. Night at the hotel.

  • Day 13 - Siem Reap Departure

    Free until transfer to the airport for the departure flight. Room is at disposal until noon only. Have meals on your own. OUR SERVICES IS END.

The price includes   The price excludes

• Accommodation in the category chosen or similar (subject to availability).

• Meals as mentioned in the program. B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner.

• Cruise on Non-private boat of Jayavarman 8 days 7 nights.

• Transfer from and to the airports by private vehicle with A/C. Transportation by private vehicle with A/C.

• All entrance fees and sightseeing as mentioned in the program.

• Local English speaking guide(s) in Vietnam and Cambodia.


• Meals and drinks are not mentioned in the program.

• International flight tickets and airport taxes.

• Visa fee upon arrival in Vietnam and Cambodia.

• Tips & personal expenses. Personal insurance. Any service not clearly mentioned in the program.


  • Family
  • 13 days 12 nights
  • 3
  • 4
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