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Unio Travel Co., Ltd was established in 2014 by two entrepreneurs with the belief that travellers would love to enjoy an authentic, unique experience to the East as their escape to dream destination.

As a genuine Indochina expert we offer a collection of complete customizable travel itineraries to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with seven main themes.  Whether you are searching for a family trip, an off-the-beaten adventure, a cruise and beach experience or a luxury vacation, our team has a wealth of personal travel experience to share with you. 

At Unio Travel, we are dedicated to providing the best travel experience by offering the perfect customized itineraries handcrafted by our passionate teams who will ensure everything we deliver is as close to your requirements and preferences as possible.

In these and many other ways, Unio Travel consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty — and no Unio journey is complete without that extra, unexpected "and" that makes your experience unique and unforgettable.



We believe that our strength is our people. We focus on the clients’ preferences and requirements to come up with effective strategies for meeting their demands in an efficient manner. This can’t be done without committed and experienced people devoted to delivering the best service experience each time a travel request is made.

Unio Travel aims to develop our people through customer-based business philosophy. This is implied in all aspects of our business from recruitment and training, to goals setting and rewards. Our people are empowered to take initiative and make decisions to provide you with a service level of excellence with a “Wow factor” on every trip.

Our travel management teams are divided into small groups, each group operating with between three and five travel consultants. Each team manages only a limited number of clients to ensure you receive personal advice and support. 


Thông tin công ty

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