• Is it often that between major sights the public transit or walking was highlights of the trip you encountered more than any museum. If it is then you probably prefer to be a traveller than a tourist, with the former just goes along with the follow others orchestrate and the latter goes their own way. Our Vietnam Private Tours are made exclusively for you, your own families or friends with no other strangers. 

    What Is Private Tour About

    Customized tours, Custom tours or Private Tours are special journeys made for anyone who wants a detailed travel plan planned for them, fit their budget and particular interests. Vietnam private tours’ accommodation rates are always based on double occupancy but a single room can be arranged at additional cost.

    Vietnam Private Tour

    Private tours are family and intergenerational friendly.  By privately arranging your journey you can plan activities that suit your family and travel the dates that work best for you.

    Private Tours Vs Group Tours


    Private Tours

    Group Tours


     Start the trip on any date at your convenience. 


     Fixed departure dates and itineraries



     Pick the travel styles you like, places you want to visit, activities you love to get involved


     Can’t enjoy things that only private tours have such as biking, fishing or being a farmer for a day. 


     Choose the tour length as long as your schedule and budget allow. 


     Fixed tour length


     Plan the tour with accommodations and sightseeing spots that you that you love


     Homestay or a night on board is far from an option


     You may order the dishes you want with our specially arranged A La Carte Meals or even cook for yourself in cooking class.


     Meals are fixed into the itinerary and may not fit your taste.


     Experienced guides and skillful drivers in each place offer services are provided for your exclusive use.


     Good chance for you to meet and make new acquaintances from all over the world. 



    Comfortable private car or minibus operates for your party only. 


    Huge Bus with 18 t0 30 seats


     Ideal for people who need special assistance, such as the elderly, people with disabilities or families with small children. 

     Not family and intergenerational friendly as no special assistance for children and elderly.


    How To Book a Vietnam Private Tour

    There are two ways to create a perfect private tour. One is by modifying existing itineraries; the other is by building an entire itinerary base on clients’ requirements and preferences.

    Step 1: Pick a tour from our many well-planned tours from our website which are classified into three categories including countries, travel styles and duration. You can also use our Tailor-made form to describe your holiday plan you want us to plan. Or even more simple, leave us a message: https://www.uniotravel.com/contact-us.html 

    Step 2: Describe your travel interests and preferred departure date then submit your request to us.

    Step 3: Our team will handpick the hotels and craft the finest itineraries then get back to you.

    Step 4: You carefully study the itinerary and quotation we have prepared for you. And ensure that you read our Terms & Conditions located below the itinerary.

    Step 5: After our proposal itinerary is refined to perfection to you please show your acceptance of our offer and your agreement on our terms and conditions by process the payment via bank transfer to our bank account.

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