Having much more to offer than the famous Temples of Angkor, Cambodia is blessed with amazing wealth of natural and cultural heritage from undeveloped beaches, untouched forests and beautiful old colonial cities. The nature and culture of Cambodia reflect the gentle, polite and charming personality of the Khmer people, which makes Cambodia such a extraordinary destination.

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Cambodia's wet season comes courtesy of the southwest monsoon, which blows from May to October, bringing with it some three-quarters of Cambodia's annual rainfall. Not surprisingly, wet season is characterized by rain, and during thepeak of wet season from July to September it can rain every day. Rainy days however tend to have a few hours of heavy rain rather than being all-day downpours, though the latter do sometimes occur - you will get wet travelling in a Cambodian wet season

International Airports: Phnom Penh International Airport, Siem Reap International Airpot and Sihanoukville Airport.
Cambidian Rie (KHR) is used in Cambodia. However dollar is widely accepted. ATMs are available throughout the country Exchange rates (4/2015): 1 USD = 3,966.1 KHR, 1EUR = 4,221 KHR,   1 GBP = 5,881 VND
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Most nationals require a visa to enter Cambodia and tourists must possess passports valid for at least 6 month. 
Flat 2 pin plugs with 220V/50Hz are mainly used in Vietnam
The main festival periods are Khmer New Year (April),Pchum Ben and the Ploughing Ceremony (mid-September) and Boun Om Touk boat racing (early November).Many businesses close during these periods,however tourist attractions are still open and there is very little disruption to travel plans.
Khmer is national language of Cambodian. As in other former French colonies the educated older generation often speaks very good French while the younger generation prefers English. 
There are some useful words and phrases that you might need to know:
Hello!sohm swaakohm!
Goodbye:lia suhn hao-y
How are you:niak sohk sabaay
Have a nice dayMien tingay la-aw
Thank youaw kohn
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